2nd Round of Community Resilience Grants - Now Open to the Public

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Lafayette, ColoradoFoothills United Way is proud to announce the opening of applications for the 2017-2018 Community Resilience Grants for Boulder and Broomfield counties. Because these innovative grants are still a new concept, support for interested grant seekers will be available in advance through optional information sessions and a pre-application feedback opportunity.

In 2016, seven Community Resilience Grants were awarded to projects that build resources and relationships that help residents succeed in the midst of crisis. One project increases access to drop-in or emergency childcare for families experiencing crisis and during times of disaster. Another completed the essential ham radio communication network in Boulder County’s mountain communities, which is often the only emergency communication when fire or flood destroys phone and electric service.  Foothills United Way helped establish this network after the Four Mile Fire, and it saved lives during the 2013 flood. A third Community Resilience Grant strengthens residents’ understanding of local government, so they can become responsible participants in their neighborhoods and community and encourage their neighbors to do the same.  Foothills United Way’s Community Resilience work focuses on activating the strengths we share and reducing dependence on institutions.


For Additional Information, Contact: Stephanie.Walton@unitedwayfoothills.org

Visit: https://www.unitedwayfoothills.org/grant-opportunities for pre-applications and grant applications.  Interested organizations, groups or collaborative partnerships should apply by July 12, 2017.