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A community working together in which all people can achieve their full potential.
Identify community priority needs and desired outcomes. 
Unite community resources in pursuit of agreed-upon goals
Take action
Success in achieving our vision will require working closely with the residents and our community partners throughout Boulder and Broomfield Counties. Foothills United Way is committed to ensuring that these efforts are always:
  • COLLABORATIVE, bringing together all the necessary community partners to identify and address important community issues. 
  • PROACTIVE so that we meet community needs before they become community crises.
  • SOLUTION-ORIENTED rather than satisfied with perpetuating the status quo. 
  • INNOVATIVE because being collaborative, proactive and solution-oriented requires inspiration and creativity. 
  • ACCOUNTABLE to donors, service providers and the community based on measurable outcomes, and
  • TRUSTWORTHY, because the relationships Foothills United Way relies on to accomplish its work begin and end with the trust of its partners.