Attainable Housing

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Helping ensure everyone has a place to live we know that housing is an essential human need.
Without a place to live, no individual or family can escape the reliance on subsidized services.
More than 2,300 children in our school districts have no place to call home. Young families, seniors, and teachers should all be able to live in our community.
We provide practical knowledge to support responsible homeownership and supportive community membership and take a regional approach to create a range of housing options.
Attainable Housing Initiatives Include:
  • Broomfield Housing Opportunity Coalition (BHOC), whose goal is to have an accessible Broomfield for a variety families and income levels.
  • Boulder and Broomfield Counties Family Resource Center (FRC) Network provides families with the support necessary for them to become stronger in key areas that affect family stability.
  • Broomfield Affordable Housing Taskforce believes in the power of community to address needs and solve problems focused on the need to expand and sustain a broad spectrum of housing opportunities in Broomfield County.
  • Personal Investment Enterprise (PIE) Program provides tools and incentives that empower low-income individuals and families to save and build assets to strengthen their economic stability through a matched-savings and financial literacy program.