Building Community Initiatives

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Foothills United Way has committed to leveraging its role as a key community building partner with entities across all sectors in pursuit of its vision:

A community working together in which all people can achieve their full potential.

In order to pursue that vision, our Community Impact staff and volunteers identified the need to share resources for building successful collective efforts. We knew that our focus on this approach is not new and not happening in a vacuum, so we collected key learnings regarding successful community initiatives, locally and nationally. 

The resulting framework is our contribution to the ongoing dialogue regarding how collaboration can and should shape our shared approach to building community. 

Foothills United Way is committed to working with Community Leaders to grow and sustain high-impact community initiatives in the Boulder-Broomfield region. In order to guide that work, we have created this framework to describe the best practices within collaborative efforts. We see these as necessary elements for working toward meaningful change together.


To download our Framework for High-Impact Community Initiatives, click here.