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Children’s Book Collection Summary



Thank you for making a difference in our community!

BRC Roots worked with Foothills United Way to collect books in Boulder County for the Colorado Business Reads program through EPIC (Executives Partnering to Invest in Children). Roots members and FHUW staff dropped off book collection boxes at 50 businesses and organizations by April 1 and picked them up after May 1. 

Sorting Day was Saturday, May 14th.  Three Roots volunteers, two FHUW staff, and one community volunteer sorted through 5000 books, placing books in age categories and sorting out bilingual/Spanish, religious, and holiday books. Books in poor condition were placed in recycling.

Later, other volunteers finished the sorting. Community organizations including Head Start of Boulder County, I Have a Dream Boulder, Escuela Bilingue Pioneer in Lafayette, and the Family Learning Center in Boulder will distribute the books to children and their families. 

By the numbers:    Books Donated: >11,000

                                 Usable children’s books: 7,500

                     Usable books for adults: 1,300-1,500

                                 Children’s activity books: 1600

Total Books to be distributed:  ~10,500

Currently we have books designated to go to more than 2,000 children and youth in Boulder County.


(Above) Ashley Keltner picks up books for Dreamers ( I Have a Dream Boulder) 


           It’s hard to know exactly how much time was donated by BRC Roots members, but the sorters gave 7.5 hours and the organizers (thank you, Shannon), box distributors and collectors spent perhaps 20-30 hours on this project

Collectively, the BRC Roots group gave between 25 and 40 hours on the project, together worth between $627.50 and $1004.. The estimated value of volunteer time for 2013 (in Colorado) is $25.10 per hour. (Independent Sector report). 




Thank you to all Roots members who made this a successful book drive, providing books for thousands of children and youth!!