Colorado Child Care Tax Credits

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As with all charitable donations, please consult your tax specialist or accountant.

Your Tocqueville Society donation to Foothills United Way can be applied to promote child care programs in Boulder and Broomfield counties. Colorado offers a 50% state tax incentive for your contribution.


  • Donors are eligible for a 50% Colorado state tax credit.
  • Both individual contributors and corporations can take advantage of the tax credit.
  • Excess tax credits may be carried forward for up to five years.

EPIC 2016 - Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit from Enchanted Road Productions on Vimeo.



  • Minimum contribution is $10,000.
  • Contribution can be paid by check, debit, credit card, securities or electronic fund transfer.
  • Just indicate you are selecting Foothills United Way CCCCC Fund with your contribution.
  • Your tax credit may not exceed $100,000 per year or exceed tax liability for any given year.
  • As with all tax deduction eligibility, consult your account or financial advisor.

A closer look at incentives to giving more….

Your Contribution


Colorado 50% Child Care Contribution Credit


Colorado State Income Tax Savings (est.)


Federal Income Tax Savings  (est.)


Your after tax cost


Make one check for the entire amount payable to Foothills United Way, or complete credit card/direct bill/electronic funds transfer information on your pledge form.