Family Training Leadership Institute Graduation at OUR Center - June 2018

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The second week of June 2018, Our Center, Family Training Leadership Institute (FLTI), and Foothills United Way celebrated 13 graduates from the FLTI program . It was a wonderful celebration full of gratitude and story telling. Each graduate has completed a program that brings added value to their community. Andy S. has created a college scholarship program for under-achieving, low-income youth. Danielle H. successfully orchestrated a Unity Fair, hosted at Front Range Community College. It was incredible to share in celebration for each graduate. These classes were funded through a Foothills United Way Community Resilience Grant, learn more about CR grants here.



Colorado and Wyoming have taken the lead in directing Federal funds from Title V (Maternal Health and Families) to fund FLTI sessions throughout the state.

The Institute begins with a retreat that encourages participants to deeply connect with each other, brings forward all the “-isms” that people keep hidden, and lays the groundwork for open dialogue, meaningful relationships, and important project development in a safe space.

The work begins by looking at the family as a system, and teaching ways to lead with compassion. Building on the importance of the family as a unit and ways to lead within a family setting, the material spirals up through larger systems; teaching how fundamental lessons of family and leadership are applicable at larger scales. The end result is encouraging civic engagement and understanding how to work with government at all different levels.

Participants in the course commit to five months of learning and working. Their end goal is to leave the Institute not only with personal growth, but in the process of implementing a project that has transformed their personal passions into an effort to engage the community around them. Projects are wide ranging, from art focus to nutrition and health. Overall, 80% of the projects that emerge from the FTLI are focused on improving public health.

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