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   Q: What does Foothills United Way do?

A: We work to advance the common good by improving the lives of people in Boulder and Broomfield counties. We partner with nonprofits, community leaders, businesses and local, state and federal agencies to address challenges together.

    Q:  Is Foothills United Way a local or national organization?

While it is affiliated with a global service and training center, Foothills United Way is a local nonprofit organization that serves Boulder and Broomfield counties. It is independent and separate from all other United Ways in the country.  Foothills United Way is governed by a local volunteer board of directors composed of key business and community leaders.

 Q: What do you mean by “Advance the Common Good”?

A: United Way envisions a world where all individuals and families can achieve their full human potential through education, health and financial stability. Advancing the common good is about creating opportunities for all people to create a better life. We recognize that we are all connected and interdependent; we all benefit when every child succeeds in school, when families are financially stable, and when people are healthy.

     Q: How does United Way advance the common good?

A: By focusing efforts on three building blocks of a good life: education, financial stability, health, United Way addresses the causes of problems and how underlying conditions can be changed. We believe preventing problems is preferable to combatting them. Our fourth building block, “Basic Needs” (emergency food, safe shelter and housing services), allows us to provide immediate assistance to stabilize those in crisis. Our approach to investing in our key impact areas will reduce the number of individuals who progress to the point of crisis.  

     Q: What do you mean by “Advocate” in your call to action “Give, Advocate, Volunteer?”

A: A part of our call to action, “Advocate” revolves around engaging experts, community leaders, and government to identify the types of investments that make the most impactful, long-term difference. We convene the community to share this vision and take a collaborative approach to solving these problems. Building cooperation between funders and service providers ensures the most effective operators are executing fully-funded strategies. United Way wants you to be informed and work with the community and promote our core values through community efforts and legislative action.

Q: What is the benefit of contributing through my workforce giving campaign?

A: Donating through your employer is a great way to maximize your impact on the community! Many organizations match a portion of their employee’s donation, increasing the power of the employee contribution. Utilizing the automatic payroll deduction allows individuals to make their donation in regular intervals and provides a means to easily make a larger donation over time, rather than donating all at once.

Q: Can I designate my gift?

A: You may designate your gift, however we recommend that your gift go to Foothills United Way so that it can be used to effectively promote positive change in Education, Financial Stability, Health and Basic Needs for everyone in Boulder and Broomfield counties. You may also choose to designate your gift to one of our key impact areas mentioned above.

    Q: Why should I give directly to Foothills United Way?

A: We take a strategic solutions approach to understand our community’s complex web of challenges. We evaluate the effectiveness of programs and work in conjunction with other entities who are concerned about “the big picture” for Boulder and Broomfield Counties. Many factors play a role in community challenges. Individual organizations working alone cannot adequately address these challenges. Your investment in Foothills United Way supports all the moving parts required to meet complex problems. United Way is about creating comprehensive, permanent and positive change in the most cost-effective manner.

 Q: How do I volunteer to help United Way?

A: Foothills United Way’s Volunteer Connection promotes and supports volunteerism throughout Boulder and Broomfield counties. This program was created to strengthen our community by supporting nonprofit organizations and provide individuals with rewarding volunteer opportunities. Community volunteers are essential for nonprofits to achieve their respective missions. Foothills United Way also provides regular opportunities to volunteer in the Foothills United Way Lafayette office. Visit Volunteer Connection’s website for more information.