Foothills United Way Welcomes 2 New Board Members

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Lafayette, Colorado – Foothills United Way, a local nonprofit organization that serves Boulder and Broomfield counties, welcomes Richard Lawrence and Harold Dominguez as members of the Board of Directors led by Carlos Pacheco.

In 2014, Rick Lawrence joined CFM (Colorado Financial Management) as President and CEO. Previously, Lawrence worked in banking at Bank One Corporation and Vectra Bank of Colorado. At Vectra, Lawrence was Chief Financial Officer and later managed the operation in greater metro Denver, as well as leading the statewide operations, IT, compliance, and regulatory relationships. Before joining CFM, he spent seven years at the University of Colorado Foundation, serving in a number of executive roles including President and CEO. His efforts were central to the execution of the Foundation’s $1.5 billion Creating Futures campaign, which remains one of the most successful fundraising campaigns in its history.

"Having grown up in Boulder and always lived in the area, I am especially grateful for this opportunity to contribute to our community,” said Lawrence. “I am encouraged by the evolving mission of our United Way organization, to focus on coordinating and encouraging the not-for-profit community to collaborate on fundamental challenges faced in the Boulder area. The synergies that can be realized through this kind of teamwork will be inspiring."

Lawrence is a seasoned board member and has contributed a lot of time to the community, including to Peak to Peak Charter School, Colorado Bankers Association, Boulder Chamber of Commerce, and Boulder Downtown Management Commission.

In April of 2012, Harold Dominguez was appointed Longmont’s City Manager. He is no stranger to the City Manager role as it has been a part of his career path for more than 20 years. From Texas to Colorado, he has used his Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Texas Tech University to propel him where he is today. Dominguez is responsible for the efficient administration of all affairs of the City, including all matters related to the City Council. He, also directs the work of all City departments and subsidiary divisions.

“The mission of Foothills United Way and the City of Longmont are very much the same,” Dominguez said. “We both serve the community in a variety of ways that make a difference in people’s lives. I hope that together we can advance our common goals.”

Dominguez has invested a significant amount of time since his arrival in the community to addressing the 2013 flood, which significantly impacted Longmont and much of Foothills United Way’s service area.  Dominguez’s flood recovery work included innovative, regional collaborations as well as partnerships with the Long-Term Flood Recovery Group, led by Foothills United Way.




-Richard Lawrence    




-Harold Dominguez