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We live in a community with many advantages.  It’s easy for many of us to go through each day and enjoy what’s before us, often taking for granted the energy, human capital and sweat required to keep things flowing smoothly. 

When we take the time to see who’s standing with us in line at the grocery, walking past us on the sidewalk or serving us at a restaurant, we have a choice.  To stay on our path, expect everyone to keep playing their role, OR recognize that a fellow human, with a story, with pains and challenges, is behind each face.  Being community means we step outside our own concerns for a moment and decide what we might do to help others have an equal chance to succeed.

There are many ways to show we care.  There are solitary, independent actions we can take to affect one other person or family.  We can also join our time, action and contributions with others and make a combined impact that touches many.  What matters most is that we make a choice to do something – our community works well only when we each are taking and giving.

In this month’s Foothills United Way update, you see stories of people banding together in workplaces to give time and money to make sure young children have the best start, and that everyone has a stable place to call home.  If you’re not in a workplace that makes community a priority, we invite you to band together with Foothills United Way directly.  Our website offers a multitude of ways to volunteer and make a contribution.  When you join your gifts with ours, we guarantee we’ll accomplish more together, and we’ll provide evidence every month to show the impact of your caring! 

As you approach the Thanksgiving holiday, don’t miss the chance to take an action that will cause someone else to feel thankful!