Nothing FISHY About It!

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Watch out! We have another Outstanding Volunteer on our hands! Eleanor Edwards is more than deserving of this award as she is fully dedicated to Broomfield FISH. For the past 8 years, she has shown tremendous passion and commitment to FISH’s mission of feeding families and fueling hope. Her nominator, Dayna Scott, executive director of FISH, states “Eleanor has an incredible array of talents that she offers on a weekly basis and yet she is profoundly humble about her work. Simply put, I was inspired to nominate Eleanor for this award because she truly inspires me.”

In 2009, Eleanor and her husband moved to the Broadlands in Broomfield to retire. After an enriching career as an engineer, Eleanor sought to apply her skills in a volunteering atmosphere. She found herself at Broomfield FISH’s doorstep and knew she could use her organizational skills in its food pantry. Over the past 8 years, Eleanor has given her free time, twice a week, to help with sorting food, stocking shelves, weighing donations, and filling food orders for the neighbors in need. By applying her engineering background to the pantry, Eleanor has aided in its smooth operation.

Within the last year, Eleanor has played a critical role on the Operations Committee. FISH has been working with the City and County of Broomfield on a lease agreement that enables it to expand its overall space from 7,500 to 11,500 square feet and to consolidate all its operations into one building. Remodeling of the new space was recently completed, and Broomfield FISH could not have turned this dream into a reality without Eleanor’s help. “Eleanor has given countless hours assisting the committee in creating a timeline and action plan for this monumental project! Always at the forefront of her work is the desire to better serve our families. She helped create the plan for our new “self-shop” model dubbed "The Marketplace" in the new building, which will empower our clients to choose their own food and, at the same time, learn about nutrition,” Dayna Scott expressed.

With her innovative ideas for the self-shop food pantry, Eleanor has graciously shared her time in hopes that no families go hungry. “I love helping people and working with FISH, and that is what drives me and makes me come back,” states Eleanor. Eleanor is a prime example of how you too can engage and apply your skills with a nonprofit organization. And Foothills United Way is honored to put Eleanor in the spotlight for her selflessness and willingness to help others in need.

Broomfield FISH was founded in 1963 through collaboration between six Broomfield churches and was originally called “Broomfield Church Women United” and then “Fellowship In Serving Humanity,” or just FISH. Recognizing that many community members did not have access to food and other important services, they decided to help. With the support and commitment of local volunteers and faith communities, they began donating and distributing food to those in need.