Personal Investment Enterprise (PIE) Program

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Personal Investment Enterprise Program      


Designed to help working, low-income families and individuals save money exclusively for home ownership, post-secondary education, and small business.

Celebrating its 15th Anniversary, PIE is a local savings program provided through Community Action Programs of Boulder County and Foothills United Way. The program was designed for low-income families to enroll in financial literacy classes and save through a matched account savings account at a rate of 4 to 1.

In addition, PIE teaches participants how to achieve financial strength and stability, resulting in families and individuals becoming more active members of the community, through first-time home ownership, education or business creation.

Since the Personal Investment Enterprise program began in 2001, PIE has celebrated a total of 255 graduates: 


99 participants have pursued a post-secondary education

99 participants have become homeowners and

57 individuals have started their own small business


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The Personal Investment Enterprise's (PIE) mission is to provide tools and incentives that empower low-income individuals and families to save and build assets to strengthen their economic stability. Asset building is an emerging and promising approach to alleviating poverty and promoting self-sufficiency for families throughout the United States.

PIE Program participants open Individual Development Accounts (IDAs), which are matched savings accounts, for home ownership, post-secondary education, and small business capitalization. PIE is the only IDA program in Boulder and Broomfield counties and one of only three in Colorado. The program provides a maximum match of $4,000 toward the asset purchase of each program participant. Participants in the program must save in the IDA/PIE Program for at least 6 months and may stay up to 30 months. During that time participants save a minimum of $33 per month, which must come from earned income. The savings are matched 4:1 up to $1,000 (with a $4,000 match). Participants also attend a series of 4 financial literacy classes and then an asset specific class related to their purchase goal.

To apply or to learn more about becoming a PIE participant, Click here to link to the Boulder County Community Action Program.

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For more information about the Personal Investment Enterprise program contact:
Rosemary Thompson, PIE Program Director
(303) 895-3412
Nino Gallo, Community Action Programs
(303) 441-3998
PIE is a partnership between Foothills United Way and Boulder County Community Action Programs.