A PIE Celebration!

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In April of 2018 Foothills United Way was happy to host a graduation for individuals in the Personal Investment Enterprise (PIE) program. Since 2001, PIE has celebrated 294 graduates.
To learn more about his program, or donate to support your community, visit: https://www.unitedwayfoothills.org/PIE
We had the pleasure of listening to Lauren, Asa, Buren, Bhola and Indira share their journey through the PIE program.

We had the pleasure of listening to Lauren, Asa, Buren, Bhola and Indira share their journey through the PIE program.

Lauren and Asa graduated from the PIE Business Program and now have a budding entertainment and photography company. Asa’s wife Lauren says, “Asa has more work than he can do alone, and he is now hiring other people.” Asa continued, “This program allowed me to take my business to the next level and upgrade all of my equipment, so I could be legitimate to clients. I really appreciated the business plan of the program, it was really helpful because it allowed me to think ahead and plan for my business, instead of just looking for my next job.”

Durring the celebration, Buren and Asa shared a moment in which they realize they participated in the Getting Ahead program together 3 years ago. It is contagious to share in their happiness upon completing the program together. 

Buren participated in the education portion of the PIE program. She says, “I began my schooling in America in 2013. It has taken me almost 5 years. Every single semester I am taking classes and it's hard with my age, the language barrier, being a single mom, financial issues, and my health issues, but I am still here. I finished all my English second language courses, college prep class, nursing pre-requisite classes and nursing classes that I have taken through the RN program. This is my last semester at Front Range, and last semester of the PIE program. I have already applied for a nursing program and hopefully my score is high enough. Nursing acceptance is so competitive. Next fall I will begin my 2 years RN program. All together there has been 7 years of schooling just to get my RN degree. I had so much support from Foothills United Way, Wells Fargo and other partners (including City of Boulder), so many steps and we never gave up all together. I appreciate you and your contribution to this community. I express my great gratitude and honor, I could not have done it myself. Nino was my best friend, every semester I came to him for help. Many times, I met Rosemary and she is very responsible and gave me so much information such as a free bus pass. The immigrant situation is really hard, I left my PHD at home 19 years ago it was a painful experience, but you have helped me. I came (from Mongolia) as an experienced doctor, research worker, PHD candidate to America as no one. That's why I'm challenging creative writing courses, so I can write my story. But I am still surviving. I have a 4.0 GPA.”

Bhola and his wife Indira graduated from the Home Ownership Program. “This is my pleasure to be here today. Do we have any donors here today? My word to donors is this, we are the ones trying to utilize all the resources as struggling immigrants, we have come a really long way to be in this room and place. So why I wanted to focus on this is we utilize this program and we get 5,000 dollars and up to a year to save our 1,000 which was very difficult when we need to decide to save money for gas food our housing. There are other grant programs, but this is unique because we don't have to pay it back and it does not charge us high interest. This is a onetime gift and we are so grateful for it. Very very huge help to our home, we would not be able to afford it on our own. Other grant programs are not grants because they charge you a percentage of your gift and this is something truly one-time gift, we are blessed we enjoyed it.” His wife says, "We truly appreciate PIE, it has been a tremendous help to us and we have kids of a young age and we are not able to put it all together. This is a huge accomplishment to us thanks to PIE, so thank you, we really appreciate it." Bhola adds, “We lived in a room of a friend’s house with two kids, to almost being homeless to being home owners, I am very proud."