Salud Emocianal Para Todos – Emotional Health for All by Iris Prieto

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June 12th, 2018 – We celebrated as 13 inspired community leaders graduated from the Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI) program at OUR Center in Longmont, Colorado. The 20-week program engages community members in becoming engaged citizens and everyone is asked to complete a community initiative while participating. From nonprofits to unity fairs to an artist recycling center, it was incredible to see the work being done within the community. After the festivities began to wind down, we were incredibly lucky to talk with Iris about her project, her experience in FLTI, and her next steps moving forward.

Project: Salud Emocianal Para Todos – Emotional Health for All by Iris Prieto

El proposito de mi Proyecto comunitario es crear una base de datos que contenga la informacion personal de la comunidad hispana, de esta manera los mantendremos actualizados e informados de todos los programas, recursos y entrenamientos mas amplio de lo que a salud mental se refiere, al mismo tiempo se romperan los estigmas relacionados a salud mental y tendremos una Sociedad mas educada y decidida.

The purpose of my community project is to create a database that contains the contact information of the Hispanic community. In this matter we will be keeping them updated and informed of all mental health or emotional programs, resources and trainings. As a result of this initiative, the Hispanic population will have a broader understanding and we will break the stigmas related with this topic, and create a stronger, educated, and determined society.


Q: How did FLTI influence you?

A: “Working with another organization encouraged me to bring out my own personal ideas. So this here is my own project, that I created. I had been volunteering with other organizations within the community, but I felt that I was missing something in that process. By working with FLTI I have found a project that inspires me, and I feel complete now.”

Q: What was the most memorable aspect of your project?

A: “I really enjoyed working in mental health. It was a great opportunity to connect with the community and everyone was incredibly helpful. I am really happy with how the community has guided me and especially how OUR Center has helped along the way.”

Q: Now that you’ve graduated from FLTI, what is your next step?

“I am going to be working in collaboration with the Spanish speaking community. I am starting a non-profit to improve their lives through any kind of training. Our first step is going to be bringing this class (FLTI) to the Spanish speaking community. We are going to translate all of the classes so that the Spanish speaking community can participate and become involved. These classes finally helped us bring these ideas together, and we are really excited.”

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